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What is Capiphon™?

Capiphon™ is a drainage material made from a special formulation of PVC that remains flexible and is long lasting.

Capiphon™ has a series of grooves running down its length.  The grooves are omega shaped with an internal diameter of one millimetre. The opening to the grooves is approximately 0.3 mm.


Close-up photos of the cross section and underside of Capiphon™





It comes in two forms:

  • a belt usually 10 or 20 cm wide
  • a PVC pipe around which the belt is wrapped

Capiphon™ uses capillary action and is therefore in dynamic equilibrium with the moisture in the soil. Water moves into the belt as soon as the soil reaches saturation, much earlier than when relying on gravity alone. Then syphonic action pulls the water from the soil.  As a result, Capiphon™ removes 3-4 times more water than conventional drainage.

Capiphon Drainage™ can be used in place of any subsurface drainage system