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Railway Line Repair


Capiphon™ can ideally be used to drain the sub-base during construction of railway lines, but can also be used on existing railway lines mitigate the effects of flooding.

In some situations where the sub-base has been insufficiently drained during construction, the constant movement of rolling stock can create a “pumping” action which brings water to the surface.









This railway system in Shandong, China, suffered from ballast foundation damage caused by constant rainwater infiltration into the sub-base.  Heavy machinery could not be used because the train could not be stopped, re-routed, nor the schedule changed to allow for repairs.   

The solution was to engage hundreds of labourers to manually lift the track during the intervals of passing train. The collection pipes with belt were prepared in advance. Ballast was excavated to insert the Capiphon™ belt. Because the Capiphon™ belt is flat, and doesn't require deep trenching, the rails did not have to be lifted far.

The ballast was replaced immediately.






After the installation, water ran freely from the Capiphon™ under the railway line.  The water was collected and was seen to be free from silt and other contamination.