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Capiphon can provide perfect drainage in challenging conditions.


This architect of a new building at a school wanted to create a communication area between it and the two existing wings.  The site was quite steep and was underlain by extremely hard unfractured rock.  He was faced with expensive excavation of at least 300 mm of rock to allow sufficient depth for a well drained lawn. 

On advice from a landscaping consultant he sought out Capiphon™.  He was able to design for a very shallow excavation, knowing that the flat structure of the Capiphon™ belt would allow a healthy lawn to be grown in minimum depth of soil.







Mitigation of poor drainage in established gardens is very simple with Capiphon™.


This garden was beset with perennial flooding.  Conventional drainage would have been extremely disruptive, with deep and wide trenches and, therefore, requiring heavy machinery.












Capiphon's powerful capillary and syphonic drainage system installed with simple construction techniques using hand-held tools gives a perfect result.