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Case Studies

Installation Savings - Installation Savings 475 KB

Comparative costing of two drainage jobs shows significant savings on installation.

Flooding from the Next-Door Neighbour’s - Flooding from the Next-Door Neighbour’s 1433 KB

It is a common complaint – in this case it is flooding from the next-door neighbour’s tennis court. Even after a light rain, water flows from the tennis court into the property and down across the driveway towards the house. After heavy falls, there is standing water adjacent to the house, and the client was worried about damage to the foundations.

Avocado Orchard in Clay Soil - Avocado Orchard in Clay Soil 655 KB

Trees can grow well in clay soils – they are nutritionally rich, and they hold water into the dry season. But clays are impermeable which can lead to waterlogging if water remains around the roots. This is especially a problem if the trees are planted into a hole, even if filled with topsoil and/or manure. This can create a dam, as can garden paths or driveways which prevent surface water from flowing away.

Avoiding Underhouse Flooding - Avoiding Underhouse Flooding 540 KB

Capiphon was installed behind a retaining wall and under a concrete slab as part of a major renovation of an old Queenslander house in Paddington, a Brisbane suburb. The underlying rock is highly permeable with water gushing from the strata. Neighbouring properties had spent many thousands in remediation.

Behind Shotcrete Basement Wall - Behind Shotcrete Basement Wall 1316 KB

To maximise the space on a building block, this owner/builder decided to build right on the boundary and to excavate to create a basement. This called for shotcrete walls for the foundations and the resulting basement walls. Drainage then becomes a problem especially in unstable soils.

Cost Comparison on Reactive Soil - Cost Comparison on Reactive Soil 703 KB

This site is classified as class E. Drainage plans and quotes were obtained for both conventional ag. pipe and Capiphon. The quote for Capiphon was almost 50% less.

Dealing with a broken stormwater pipe - Dealing with a broken stormwater pipe 1109 KB

Whenever it rained, and for days later, water flooded out from the playground at the South Hobart Primary School. It not only made the soft-fall area unusable but flooded across the basketball courts. It was suspected that heavy equipment brought in during construction of a new gymnasium adjacent to the existing buildings had cracked the stormwater pipes, most likely in two different places.

Drainage Behind Rainwater Harvesting Retaining Wall Tanks - Drainage Behind Rainwater Harvesting Retaining Wall Tanks 803 KB

The architect had seen Capiphon Drainage exhibited at the HIA in Melbourne, 2015. At the same time, he saw the Landscape Tanks. The Landscape Tanks are large rectangular concrete boxes designed to hold water and to support plant growth. He liked both products and had the opportunity to use them when designing large facility in Greensborough that would require a lot of water for washing down

Draining Golf Course Bunkers - Leonay, NSW - Draining Golf Course Bunkers - Leonay, NSW 595 KB

Two bunkers, one on either side of the same green (Hole 6), were chosen for the trial. One was drained using Capiphon.; the other was left untouched. The drainage was observed during the day of rain and for several days later. The bunkers with Capiphon drained in a matter of hours while water remained in the untreated bunker for several days.

Flooded Vegetable Garden - Flooded Vegetable Garden 653 KB

The Agriculture block on the school was made unusable with heavy pooling after rain. The pooling was in between the raised vegetable beds and often lasted for weeks making the gardens untenable as a learning area.

Keeping the Hot Tub Dry - Keeping the Hot Tub Dry 782 KB

Poor drainage over the years had led to a soggy base under the Hot Tub which, in turn, led to the timber of the tub starting to rot. Water may also have been coming down through the cut into the embankment to add to water splashed out during use. Capiphon belts under paving solved the problem.

Leaking Earth Wall Dam Stabilised - Leaking Earth Wall Dam Stabilised 953 KB

The farm has an earthen-wall dam that has been leaking for many years. The leakage has made the wall potentially unstable, and has made the land at the base of it unworkable. Base of dam wall is now stabilised. The land below the wall is now trafficable, and there is more usable available.

New and Existing Retaining Walls (Taiwan) - New and Existing Retaining Walls (Taiwan) 1138 KB

The site was suffered from a serious typhoon rain causing huge area of land slide. The buildings uphill were imminently endangered. Also, the local ground water contains minerals like iron oxide which will cause blockage for any traditional drain materials very quickly. Several fence of walls were constructed. The upper walls use back wall drainage. The photo showed that all traditional pipes failed and Capiphon pipes remain draining. Holes were drilled into the existing walls to insert

New Sand Race Track - New Sand Race Track 415 KB

The Dubbo Turf Club is planning to build a new sand track inside the perimeter of the existing turf. The Project Manager recognised that Capiphon might have an advantage in providing more complete drainage of the track. It was decided to test that opinion by using a model to compare the drainage performance of Capiphon against the system as specified.

On the Edge - Capiphon overcomes space restriction - On the Edge - Capiphon overcomes space restriction 906 KB

The owners wanted to rebuild the room on the same footprint and wanted to maximise the usable space. The designer (John Weston Architectural Design) had previously used Capiphon in a similar situation so suggested to the owners to pull the building in from the boundary by 40mm, sufficient to allow for a Capiphon pipe to be used.

Outflow from Capiphon intercept drain on small backyard - Outflow from Capiphon intercept drain on small backyard 468 KB

An ordinary “pocket handkerchief” lawn in the backyard where the lawn is dying from waterlogging, even in a dry year.

Overcoming Gravity with Capiphon - Overcoming Gravity with Capiphon 332 KB

The balconies of a new apartment block remained flooded after rain. It was apparent that the outlet drain sat above the floor of the balcony. This may not have been considered to be a major problem because a tile floor was to be suspended on adjustable pads, concealing the water on most balconies. However, on some, the water level was so deep that a residue of silt remained on the tiles after the rain event.

Protecting a Very Valuable Asset (And Saving Huge Costs) - Protecting a Very Valuable Asset (And Saving Huge Costs) 1121 KB

A very large house being built in rural Victoria, some 70 km from Melbourne, is being set into 350mm to 400mm of Brown Clayey SILT overlying Brown/Orange/Red Silty CLAY to >6000m. The clay is impermeable, but water can be seen travelling through the strata and will, no doubt, impact on the building in the future

Racecourse Drainage - Racecourse Drainage 510 KB

Even more significant than the increased efficacy of Capiphon, the independent contractor (Sports Turf Services) installing the system reported that Capiphon installation costs were much lower, to the extent that the installed cost of Capiphon drainage was some 40% less than the standard drainage.

Restricted Depth Rules Out Ag Pipe - Concrete Slab - Restricted Depth Rules Out Ag Pipe - Concrete Slab 479 KB

Water lying against the slab. It is feared that water will seep down between the foundation and the slab.

Restricted Depth Rules Out Ag Pipe - New Retaining Wall - Restricted Depth Rules Out Ag Pipe - New Retaining Wall 2801 KB

The existing retaining wall had to be replaced due to the realignment of the driveway. Depth for an Ag pipe behind the new wall was limited. The planned Ag pipe would have exited from the retaining wall at some 5cm above the adjacent footpath. Alternatively, a trench would have to be dug behind the new all and across the public footpath to the gutter.

Rock Seepage into Outside Laundry & Courtyard - Rock Seepage into Outside Laundry & Courtyard 1092 KB

The house has been built on a rock bench at the foot of the old Hobart foreshore. Water seeps through the sandstone cliff face into the old outside laundry and into a partly enclosed courtyard. In heavy rain water flows from a deep drain (the Moat) designed to keep it away from the front of the house.

TESTIMONIAL - DIY Backyard Drainage - TESTIMONIAL - DIY Backyard Drainage 417 KB

I was impressed with how easy the installation of the belt was into the PVC pipe. The user guide was spot on and easy to follow.

TESTIMONIAL - DIY Soggy Backyard near Geelong - TESTIMONIAL - DIY Soggy Backyard near Geelong 767 KB

It works! I was very pleased to see evidence of the system working. It is obviously too early to determine whether this will completely eradicate our problem, but I am hopeful and relatively positive that it will make a difference. I am ‘sold’ on the Capiphon system being superior to that of traditional aggi pipe and imagine that in time, it will become the preferred system of drainage.

TESTIMONIAL - School Principal - TESTIMONIAL - School Principal 59 KB

Testimonial from Mr Greg Turner, Principal of South Hobart Primary School where the installation savings were calculated.

TESTIMONIAL -Retaining Wall Drainage - TESTIMONIAL -Retaining Wall Drainage 2762 KB

When looking for a drainage system to work within the restricted spaces of wall replacement I was a little sceptical as to the ability of the product to cope with the large volume of water running through from adjacent properties. The volume of water was quite a worry. A highly recommended system.

The experiment report of the capillary drainage belt and the proposal of construction - The experiment report of the capillary drainage belt and the proposal of construction 1994 KB

PowerPoint presentation reporting on a trial of Capiphon drainage in a tunnel, and notes on the subsequent construction methodology. Taiwan 2012

Under House Seepage - Under House Seepage 894 KB

Water seeps into the lower rooms and garage of a multi-level house built on a steep block. While there is soil against the retaining wall that forms part of the garage wall, there is an air gap between the soil and the timber-framed plaster board walls of the other room. Free water flows across the garage floor and can be heard trickling behind the wall soon after rain. Water can be seen to exit from under the foundations down the side house.

Waterlogged Pasture - Waterlogged Pasture 846 KB

A number of natural springs flow out from the hill above a dam that has been constructed to take advantage of the constant flow of water. The owner has attempted to reclaim the bank of the dam by removing the reeds and deepening the dam by dredging. His plan is to create an attractive recreational water feature, as well as a means of controlling the run-off.

Waterproofing on a Boundary - Waterproofing on a Boundary 942 KB

An owner-builder engaged an architect to design an extension to his 1930s suburban house utilising part of an existing outbuilding. Difficulties arose when the building surveyor pointed out that the walls of the outbuilding to be retained were, in fact, right on the boundaries of two neighbouring properties. This meant that the proposed new extension would not be possible because the drainage would have to be sited on the adjoining properties.